Thursday, October 29, 2009

KISS Theory Goodbye ... if you know how?

… Action Ways to Accomplish Results

We hear and read a lot about what it takes to run your business successfully. But many times we are drowned in the theory and don’t know the action items or examples of what it takes to… “Just do it”

I had the distinct opportunity to work and to contribute daily in an organization that defined both the benefit of great preparation and planning, and in the value of implementing continuous improvement, quality control and maintaining best practices long before they were fashionable business theories. Indeed we went well beyond just having a solid “game-plan” alone and focused more on the regular implementation and practical attention to detail in each area.

In Kiss Theory Goodbye, Bob Prosen initially establishes the importance of knowing what your top three objectives are; requiring that they are quantifiable, insuring that they are concisely stated and you are tracking them at all times... and with vigilance.

His Five Attributes of Highly Profitable Companies are critically important. They include a relentless pursuit of your vision and results, developing sales effectiveness by highlighting the right goals, operational excellence throughout, the importance of the right financial information and finally gaining a high level of real customer loyalty. As in any practice the devil is in the details but Bob’s illustrations give a good assortment of specific lessons and action items that we all need to take be aware of.

Throughout the book there is an underlying strength in any business that begins with the effectiveness of your business communication, and at the very core, your personal communication skills. This may indeed be ”Communications 101” in that the lesson is to; be thorough, be frank, be concise,and be effective. The Seven Steps for everyday, both illustrate this communication and give a nice overview of how to act; 1)give clear directives, 2)require accountability, 3)never rationalize poor performance, 4)avoid over planning, 5)embrace change, 6)help every team member win, and at the end of each day ask 7)are we closer to meeting our objectives?

Finally an overriding theme is to inspire the loyalty and trust of all your people by consistently being loyal and trustworthy with all of your people. Do this and you will build an effective team and will ultimately build real sustainable performance.

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